Let Your Dog Be Safe – Knowledge on Deadly Yet Preventable Diseases You Must Know

Being a pet parent, it is important for you to take best care of your tiny guys and gals. However, there may be times when it gets hard for them to tell you what’s wrong. Often, they may suffer in silence and are unable to tell about their aches or whether their tummy hurts.

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There are many vet clinics in Swansea, so choosing the best Swansea veterinary clinic is easy for you. You always need heads up on the potential health issues and their risk factors. The following is a list of some of the most common, but preventable dog diseases that can help you get a good knowledge on it.

Bloat or Gastric Torsion

If your pet wolfs its food down in just a blink of an eye, then it may be at great risk of bloat. It is an enlarged stomach that can become more complex especially if its stomach also turns. It prevents fluid as well as air from escaping stomach that can even prevent your dog from vomiting or belching. Its common symptoms include salivating, enlarged stomach area, inability to vomit, and restlessness.

Fungal diseases

Fungi reside in soil and get normally transmitted by the airborne spores. In case your dog inhales that contaminated soil, he may contract fungal disease. There are some diseases that only affect skin and there are some affecting entire body.

Overall, there are just many dangers that can lurk out there for your pet. However, arming yourself with enough knowledge about preventable and common diseases can help them to be on the safe side.

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