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Popular Styles Of Dog Portraits That You Can Get

Pets like dogs are more than animals, they are like family members. They have their personality and love their humans unconditionally. So, it is important to show some love to them and for this making their portraits is the best idea. There are many pet portrait artists that you can hire for perfect and high quality portraits. There are many styles of animal portraits in UK that you can consider.

Some popular styles of dog portraits are given below.

  • Breed standard portraits – These are the classic and traditional types of portraits. These types of portraits are focused on the photos of the different breeds. These are full-body portraits or captured from the side while the dog is standing or when they are sitting. It perfectly highlights the health and shape of the haunches, neck, and withers of the dog. The dogs in these portraits have a mouth closed and their tongue remains in their mouth.
  • Adventure or lifestyle portraits – These portraits are made in the natural landscape scene like in the coastal terrain, mountains, grassy and woody area. It tells a story about the natural environment with the dog. These portraits are made under natural lights.
  • Environmental portraits – It focuses on creativity rather than activity. In this, the scenery is used as a background. The professional artist uses moonlights or off the flash of the camera while capturing a photo. It does not always focus on the natural environment. It also includes human made structures like buildings and other locations.

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