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Coming Back from a Trip? – Changes to Expect in your Pet’s Behaviour

When you come back from a trip, you will usually see some changes in the behaviour of your pet. Since your pet has been travelling with you, it can get tired and might act weird. In this article, we will talk about what are the general changes that you will observe in your dog’s behaviour.

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Some changes to observe in your pet’s behaviour

There are various changes that you will observe in your pet’s behaviour. The most common ones have been listed below :

  • Over excitement – home is a place your pet is familiar with and that is why over excitement of the pet when you reach home is quite normal.
  • Over thirstiness – over excitement of your pet will lead to more panting, which will ultimately cause over thirstiness.
  • Upset stomach – over excitement can also lead to over eating, which can cause disturbance in the digestive system. This can cause bloating as well.
  • Tiredness – the experience in a kennel can be tiring for your pet and this continues as you reach home.

What else to look after?

Many pets can catch some disease while on board. Kennels in Essex makes sure that your pet does not catch any disease, as they are super clean and hygienic. Other diseases to look after includes kennel cough, canine lice, papilloma which is also known as dog warts.

If you notice any of the diseases, it is important to take your pet to the vet immediately after returning from the trip so that they can be cured easily. Kennels in Essex are considered as the best as the pets are regularly checked if they have any disease or not.

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