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Identify The Maine Coon Cat

If you are looking for a cool pet to add in your family then Maine coon kittens are the one to choose. These cats are disciplined, easy to train and keep the home clean. In London, there are many people who have this cat in their home. But, there are also many people who fail in identifying the real breed of the maine coon when they go for buying the pet. It is not that hard as there are some points which you can keep in mind when you look at the maine coon breeders in UK.

Things to look

Check the fur – The Maine coon cats have a shaggy and long coat. The fur is not very thick but it is dense evenly. The fur covers almost the whole cat, from tail to head and ears. The hairs are shorter in the front region and seem longer as you go down to its rear. There is a brown tabby pattern present in almost all the maine coons though there can be a different combination of it.

Size and weight – The size of the male and female maine coon is about 40 inches in length while it differs in height. The male cat measures about 12-17 inches tall while the female ones are 8-14 inches tall. The weight of a male coon is more than the female. The male cat weighs about 18 to 25 pounds whereas the weight of female cat lies between 10 to 15 pounds. You can take the measuring tape with you while going to buy one.

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