Pros and Cons of Using Dogs for Personal Protection

Many people are interested to have a pet dog for their personal protection as the crime rate is nowadays increasing day by day. So, if you too are interested to have a pet dog for your personal protection, then you may read this short write up. There is no doubt that the family protection dogs can be very useful to you but before you have them, it is better to know about various pros and cons of using dog for this purpose.

The pros:

  1. Safer and better as compared to using an alarm system or gun
  2. Trained dog can be an asset to your home
  3. They can disable the culprit so that you can handover to police
  4. They can be given specific training
  5. They are very affectionate and can be a very good companion
  6. You can accompany them everywhere
  7. Can be used for searching of missing item
  8. Provide you a sense of security
  9. If you give command then they can become calm

The cons:

  1. It costs a great deal to maintain and train a dog for the purpose of protection. Also, to buy a good breed of dog, you may have to shell out a great deal of money. In addition to that their maintenance cost, foods, vet charges can be beyond the means of an average earning person.
  2. You need to spend lots of your time to provide the dog a company.
  3. If dogs are not properly trained then it can become very aggressive and uncontrollable at times.

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